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92 seville trouble codes

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OK, the servise engine soon light came on yesterday in my 92 seville STS. these are the error codes im getting from the computer

and im not sure if this is a code..... ECM? (yea, it really had a ?)

now i think the 39 and 52 are with the ride control... from what i gathered from the dealer and other places. The last owner replaced the struts and cadillac didnt make the struts any more that work with the speed sensitice contol any more, so the cars had that code ever since

the other codes i really have no clue
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I've got the same issue. It happens with more frequency and can last for days. First it cycles through some code history then NO CODES. I lose ability to adjust climate control, view voltage, oil index & temp and get left with just the "ECM?" on display. Also, my fuel gauge starts swinging wildly. Any suggestions?
It's the E048 code, EGR system problem, that causing your service engine light to come on. If your car has no other problems, other than the light being on, you might try just disconnecting the battery for 10 seconds or so and see if the code returns.
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