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So i was driving home from work the other day, coming down the highway, I noticed a bright red '01 Grand Am GT coming up fast in the lane next to me, so we both got off at the same exit, and i he took the same route as me, so i pull up next to him at a light, and it turns green and i peeled out a little too much, so he won that one (0-60), and i pull up next to him at the next light, but this time i hold the gas at about 1500 rpm, while holding the brake, and when the light turned green i let off the brake, and floored the gas, and i looked to my right to see the grand am GT trying hard to catch up (the nose of his car was pretty high up in the air, and the tail was kinda low) I thought it was cool to look out my big side windows to see the Grand Am GT fall behind slowly to the point of being at my taillights at about 65mph.

Not that i think the Grand Am's are a really quick car or anything, but a lot of kids that went to my school own them and think they're the coolest.
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