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I have been fighting with a 92 Eldorado with a 4.9L, trying to get it to run....
Right now I can get it to crank over through the use of a screw driver at the back of the starter solenoid, with the key in the ignition in the run position, but it will only almost start and then nothing until the key is cycled off then on again, then the same thing.
I attempted to check the codes, but the code reader I have displayed nothing at all, like it didn't see the ecm. Also the digital readout on the instrument cluster is completley blank, so I can't enter into the onboard diag.
All fuses are good, and I have power showing up everywhere it is supposed to (I.E. Distributor, fuel rail, fuel pump...)
Right now I'm thinking that it mignt be a bad ECM, or a bad Passkey system, but I am on a tight budget, and don't want to spend that kind of money until I'm sure.
If anyone has any ideas that I could check out, or had a similar issue that was taken care of, I would greatly appreciate the input. Thanx in advance
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