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91 SIXTY SPECIAL--what's it worth?

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Attn Caddy Pros! What is a 91 Sixty Special with under 20k and all options in showroom condition worth? Thanks for any input!
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Sounds like a Sandy question to me! He should stop by when he sees the title...

He sent me a PM & I replied. It was a bit more informative than the post here. The car has every option that was offered, and 18,000 on a 1991.

You really cannot PUT a price on that car. Here's why....
The are 2 groups of people....Group 1 would have absolutely NO desire for that car. They'd want their Saleen Mustang or their Toyota Avalon or a BMW 3 Series instead. Group 2, would really really want it.

My answer was that the car is worth what the seller wants. Where are you going to duplicate this car ? It's certainly worth every penny of RETAIL.
I suggested I, Sandy, would have NO problem paying $5,000 for it !
I agree, its basically worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

With cars like that you just gotta throw the books right out the window. Obviously if you try to trade something like that in an advantagous dealer is just gonna say "This is the black book on that car, well give ya 500 more for it since its nice", but you throw that car up on ebay or some other forum where Caddy collectors can see it? Let them decide what its worth and it will go way higher than any book.
This is true, but let me take it a bit further.
A private party is buying it to keep it. To enjoy it.
A dealer sees it as merchandise with which to make a profit, albeit NICE merchandise, but still ~ "just" merchandise or inventory. He has to buy for cheap and sell for retail or more. It's therefore to him a commodity, no more & no less than a 6-pac of paper towels on the shelf at your local 7-11. So, while the dealer will appreciate the quality of the car, he still is doing this as it's his livelyhood, which it is NOT to the retail buyer.
He must be talking about this car:

And I say it is worth $10K if you are a collector :thumbsup:
Now that I see a pic of it, I agree 100% !! !! !! It *IS* worth the 10 grand he wants !! What do you get for 10 grand in a brand new car ? NOTHING !

Go, buy it, today. Take really good care of it. Prtotect it !
Nice car, but the fun-house red interior kills it for me.
Other Interior colors were very limited in the Sixty Special, these inclued
In Memorial "Grey"
and Drapped Coffin "Bunting Navy" - which joined the "Fun House Red"

For 1992 & 1993 Hellabullu Black came on bored :)
Man that car just doesnt do it for me anything other than tuxedo black. I agree about the red interior too.
I wonder why the interior color choices were so limited on the Sixty Specials?
Because there are only so many colors that are gawdawful ugly when paired with an attractive exterior.
For these reasons:-

1) The anticipated very low production numbers, due to the price increase over a Sedan deVille - which was a premium of $3,550.00.

2) The extremely complex manufacture of the expensive interior, that began
in Turin, Italy and finsihed up in Morristown, New Jersey (8 miles from me, BTW) and then got sent to the Orion Assembly in Michigan !

3) 1989-1991 = Dark Blue or Garnet Red or Light Gray interior. 1992 & 1993 saw Black added.

4) All exterior colors were not available on the Sixty Special, until 1992, so the 1989-1991 were also limited exterior paints.
I truly am surprised that the bid is as high as it is even is. Not that its not worth it to a collector, I just didn't realize collectors even wanted stuff like this.
Well, even with the "gawdawful" red interior, I made the purchase. Probably paid too much, but like Sandy said where are you going to find another in that condition and with those miles and options. Actually I am kind of fond of fun house red...this will be the third cbody that I will have with that color. If I would have had one built in 91 this is the exact car I would have I think it was destiny. I am very excited to get the car, but am going to have to wait till mid June to get as I just don't have the time right now. I'll report back when I have it in hand to let you know if it really is as nice as I've been told and it appears! Thanks Sandy and everyone else for the input!

You didn't pay too much. My Dad sold his 1993 Sixty Special Ultra with 90K miles for almost $6K last year.
Ya, congrats! I have all the build specs for it. You have seen mine, right ?
For 1991 they made 894 Fleetwood COUPES; 12,979 Fleetwood SEDANS and 1,253 Sixty Special SEDANS. The 1,253 Sixty Special(s) were built this way:-

309 in Black-Sapphire (Navy)
213 in Cotillion White (yours)
161 in Sable Black
103 in Royal Maroon
098 in Sapphire Blue Firemist
097 in Platinum Silver
084 in Dark Slate Gray
070 in Medium Slate Gray
051 in Carmine Red
042 in Light Sapphire Blue
015 in Mountain Laurel (Mary Kay Pink)
010 in Light Pastel Slate Gray
1253 Total

I'm looking for a Light Pastel Slate Grey with Navy Leather.....:thumbsup:

(By the way, for the other purists out there, yes I know that there were 4 other colors
available in 1991 on thre "C" bodies, but they were not available on the Sixty Special,
because there was no interior color to go with them !)
Antelope Firemist / Cameo Ivory / Light Auburn / Dark Auburn.
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I would love to have more detailed specs than I have. The only thing I have is the showroom brochure which doesn't give a lot of detail about optional equipment. I really would like to know what was available and if the one I've purchased is missing anything. I'll keep an eye out for the light pastel slate 60's too! Thanks again!

Oh, yes, I have seen pics of yours...its beautiful! Found that 93 Coupe d'Sixty Special yet???
No, I haven't found it - & I probably never ever will. All I know is that it was a super early build, probably built in late July of 1992 and that it's Royal Maroon, in & out & that it has cloth interior, and NO options. Base car, optionless. It was for the brochure picture and press pictures, which were never taken, or if they were, they were destroyed.
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