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There is this little white seville with moon roof sitting in a parking lot in front of a friends apartment building that is for sale. I thought it was an interesting looking little car, so I decided to leave a note on the window to see if the owner wanted to sell. A few weeks later, he calls and says he just wants to get rid of it. Says it is a 91 and it runs great except it needs new struts on the front, and the starter solenoid may be going out. He didn't give me a price, just said to make an offer. He said he thinks it has 120k on it, and his dad was the first or second owner, and it has pretty much sat in Idaho, and over in ND etc. He kept mentioning how he just wants it gone.

I thought that I could get a good deal out of this, but then we were taking out the trash and I decided to look at it, and saw that the drivers side door plunger button cap thingys were missing, the drivers seat looked OK, but the passengers seat was torn up, and the arm rest on the console was torn up (the padding removed, and the black plastic exposed). Wasn't sure about the back seats, as there are tires on them.

The doors were unlocked, so we were peeking around. The buttons on the seats are missing, and it looks like a kid had it for the last year or so. The outside looks really great, the interior is just what worries me.

If it moves forward and back, I am going to offer him 250 dollars for it to see what he says. I am supposed to look at it on Saturday with a friend of mine that is a mechanic at the local Cadillac dealer.

Do you think I am offering too low of an offer for the car, or what do you think it'd be worth? I didn't smell any mildew or anything so the seal on the moonroof must be OK.

Let me know what you guys think, or if you know of where I can find a Seville in this body that won't break the bank.
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