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The rear part of my deVille is very low to the ground, and every time I go over a bump I scrap the bottom. I wonder if the front shocks need to be replaced as well.

I don't quite understand what is a "Suspension Code rs0038". Is this something you need a computer to check? I'm about to bring in my car to the dealer (actually I work in the auto group at another dealer so I will be getting a discount on parts) on Monday to replace the tires, and have them check on the rear air suspension also. But are there any aftermarket stuff I can use instead? I tried to look on the Net but there appears to be different systems for the '91 deVille and I don't know how to check which one it is.

Anyway, as for the front shocks, I want something that allows better handling and control. What do I tell the guys at say NAPA what I need? Like are there parameters like shock travel, rebound, etc? I don't know what aftermarket shocks will allow less compression and faster rebound, and yet fits in the car.

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