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91 Deville, Air blower motor will not turn off

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Turned off car today and found that I cannot turn off the blower motor. When the engine was shut off the blower kept running. The air was comming out the bottom by your feet. No error codes. Removed 2 different fuses relating to air / heat under the dash and still it keeps running.
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Blower module is faulty. Part number AC/Delco 15-72530. Price in 1999 was $75...dunno what it is now. This should be a good part number for your 1991 DeVille. Install is is located under the cowl near the blower.
Well that was it. Thank you very much.
Blower module # 15-72530
OK did some work on the 84 Deville today. Working some Heat problems out, went to do a test and start the car. To my suprise Blower on MAX Compressor on all the time will not cycle, no Display on climate control system... ANy ideas what happned??

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