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91 Coupe Deville Windshield Replacement

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I have to replace my windshield on my 91 coupe
I have the factory SOLAR-RAY glass
Does anyone know which windshield repair company (NY area)
has the same or the same type of SOLAR glass to replace the windshield
I want all the glass in my car to match
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That windshield comes in two diferent verisons one is heated button on climet control and a none heated version I changed Mine two Years ago and thank God I had Insurance on the Glass the heated version goes for over 2000.00 here in Tucson Solar ray is a name GM used for the Tint . Check with your insurance Company for good Glass Companys and Make sure they put the clips back along the Bottem or the windshild will slide Down and you will have leaks along the top of the Glass look like black plastic holders. Hope this Helps > I have had 8 cadies over the years still have my 1970 coupe deville and my 1991 deville and a 2005 Deville .
God Bless
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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