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91' Cadillac Deville GM say's it's not worth fixing

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My number 5 valve is missfiring, it failed a compression test it tested at 100 psi they said it's probably a bad oil ring or something. It has 226k on it would it be worth it to tear this engine apart and rebuild it? I really want to fix this car up possibly to pass down to a younger sibling. I just found out one of my friends has a guy that will rebuild my engine cheap, how much would a cheap engine rebuild cost me?

Thanks for any help in advance
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what caused you to take it to a shop? I'm just trying to figure what the real problem is... I couldn't make heads or tales of what you thought the mechanic said was wrong. engine swapping is easier said than done.
as long as it is hitting on all 8 cylinders drive it like it is. The trans. will go before then engine.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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