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91' Cadillac Deville GM say's it's not worth fixing

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My number 5 valve is missfiring, it failed a compression test it tested at 100 psi they said it's probably a bad oil ring or something. It has 226k on it would it be worth it to tear this engine apart and rebuild it? I really want to fix this car up possibly to pass down to a younger sibling. I just found out one of my friends has a guy that will rebuild my engine cheap, how much would a cheap engine rebuild cost me?

Thanks for any help in advance
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It's not worth paying a dealership to fix it. But if the rest of the car is in pretty good shape it may be worth putting some money into. There's tons of these cars in junkyards and you can get good motors and heads cheap, but they are all just as old. You cant see how many miles are on these things with the digital dash either. I did my heads with the motor in the car and it's a pretty tight space. With gaskets, machine work, timing set, water pump, and misc stuff you'll be out 4-500. That's with no labor. How much do you like the car and how much do you feel ok about putting in it? In the last 3 months I've got more in mine than it is worth, but it is worth it to me because I know I couldn't replace it with something I like as much. This may sound totally stupid, but I like the top of the door frame where my arm rests. It is nice and flat and just the right height. I had a 99 DeVille too and got rid of it because the arm out the window was uncomfortable. I just like these late 80-early 90 FWD sedans. Where do you live?
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Why junk it????? Is it still running but using a little oil and gas-down on power? Keep driving it and look for a donor car that runs good but has body damage for sale cheap. U-pull motors are 200 bucks complete here. A motor from a "they pull' will cost more, but you can learn more about it miles etc. I would be stunned if there weren't any up there. Heck if you really like the car but want to do a cheap fix do what my buddy did and drop a 2.8 corp motor in it with a carb and a regular HEI. He had to buy a controller for the tranny but it was cheap and way newer than any 4.5/9 you'll find. Like Ranger said (and me) it isn't just about the money.
AND... You keep driving a car you know everything about and enjoy driving for what most people spend on car payments in 3-4 months.
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