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91' Cadillac Deville GM say's it's not worth fixing

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My number 5 valve is missfiring, it failed a compression test it tested at 100 psi they said it's probably a bad oil ring or something. It has 226k on it would it be worth it to tear this engine apart and rebuild it? I really want to fix this car up possibly to pass down to a younger sibling. I just found out one of my friends has a guy that will rebuild my engine cheap, how much would a cheap engine rebuild cost me?

Thanks for any help in advance
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What is included in the cheap build is what you need to find out. Does that mean you are pulling and transporting the engine to this guy, and then picking up and setting it in? What is he going to replace? Is he going to plane the heads and replace all gaskets and chains? Cheap build might just be only replacing the one piston, and cutting a new sleeve. So you have some questions for this cheap builder. Cheap and acceptable in my eyes would be $400 for labor, plus you buy the parts, and remove and install the engine yourself and take off all the accessories on the top and the front including the crank pulley. Hard to say.

Engine swap, maybe $200-350 depending on the location and whether a garage is available. Two removals and one install. Never paid anybody to do it, always done the work myself. Junk yards sometimes have guys lined up to do work like this on the side or after working hours, even at u-pullit yards and they are reasonable prices (not always).
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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