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91 Brougham Hearse - no power to fuel pump

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Hi, I just recently purchased a 91 Brougham hearse and having trouble getting it to start. I have changed relays, computer, fuel pump. I got power at the fuse block and power at the relay at the firewall but no power at the pump. There are 4 wires at the pump. Anyone have any ideas?
If you dump fuel in the intake it fires up and runs while the gas is in the intake.
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So you have checked for electrical power at the plug at the tank? I would trace the wiring from that plug at the pump forward. Keep in mind these cars are cut and stretched if Post 1984( and some prior). So there will probably be a splice. Does your car have VATS? Not sure how far that goes back with Cadillac. You will enjoy owning a hearse.
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