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Hey Folks,

I am so excited that I have stumbled on this site, I have been reading through it all night, I am actually getting excited about my caddy again after being very frustrated. Here is what is going on. First it has always had a pretty good miss, but never really affected drivability. I replaced the plugs, wires and rotor about two months ago and it didn't help anything. Last week I was out on the road when it kind of lost all power, it still drives but feels absolutly horrible. I took it to a mechanic and he scaned it and came up with a code 42. I replaced the Oxygen sensor with no luck, and then the EGR valve. The tubes under the throttle body were filled with carbon, and I used throttle body cleaner to loosen the carbon, but did not think to suck it out. Nothing has seemed to work so far, I have also done alot of looking for vaccum leaks, but nothing... I hope someone will be able to help, I really miss my Eldorado!

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