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90 deville air ride issue

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lately i've been getting upset about how my car has been riding in the rear, the problem that i notice is that the air ride level sensor never seems to work when you get in the car on the driver side, meaning that whenever i'm driving by myself the car rides like crap i feel every bump and if i get under the car and disconnect the link for the level then push it up alittle bit so the air compressor kicks on the car will raise up some more and then if i drive the car around it feels great, to the point that it feels like i'm on friggin air literally. but after about 20 minutes of driving around the car feels bumpy again like before pumping it up.

now i have all brand new air lines, air struts and springs in the back and new passive struts in the front from monroe. the car feels not comfortable when cruisin by myself.

normally my car in the back sits 26.5 inch high from the ground to the middle of the fender trim in the middle of the wheel, they are level on both sides but does anyone know if the air ride systems lose compression in the struts overnight or something cause i'm about ready to make a switch to turn on the compressor when ever i feel like it cause it feels like i'm driving a tank.

what should i do?
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when looking at the ALC sensor.... you see the metal bar that goes to the sensor? and the screws twords the edge? loosen those screws, and move the plastic piece up or down to adjust the base height. if you set it to have the car ride slightly higher, it will most likely sense when your in it, thus compensating the rear.
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