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Hi All and TIA,

About a month ago my radio went dead... than came back on... then went dead.
Shortly after my Fuel Data and climate control both started showing C code and the blower motor ran constantly.
To get the blower motor to shut off I pulled the radio fuse.
I followed the instructions in this post ...
and pulling the programmer plug I had normal looking display in the Fuel Data Center but could not change what it said ( liters/gallons )
So i reinstalled the plug and than I had a d code ... shut it back off and restarted so now I have nothing left.
PLEASE HELP :) it is hot here in PA and my normal work vehicle .... 04 DODGE RAM 1500 HeMi just blew up after 53000 miles and service will not be complete for atleast 5 weeks. Damn Dodge dealers :(

Thank You
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