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I have been working endlessly with some of the finest mechanics to solve my stumbling, hesitation, backfiring in my 89 Sedan Deville. With the help of Hills Auto, Redford, MI the fix is done! If anyone in Michigan has this problem call Hills Auto, 7 mile Road, Redford, MI. They are the best. Here is what fixed it:

First, I did all this just as regular maintenance, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, OS 2 and EGR Valve and cleaned the EGR Tubes and motor mount.

Now, here is what really fixed it: Reground ECM, new ICM, and the biggest REGROUND THE BATTERY. The battery is now grounded to the transmission on a bolt on the transmission. After 12 hours of running electronic diagnostics they found that by checking all the grounds in the car the ECM ground and the battery ground were the problems as it was blowing out voltage changes which screwed up the computer which in turn screwed up the firing sequence.

I want to thank everyone for their help and wanted to share this fix with everyone.

By the way, how hard is it to replace my pads myself? Rotor are fine! Anyhelp would be appreciative!
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