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1984 cadillac fleetwood (sold) 1989 cadillac d'elegance
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Hey guys, I have this really annoying squeaking sound I was hoping you could help with. This website is invaluable and full of very experienced people. So I figured this is the best place to ask...
Anyways, I have a squeaking sound coming from behind the gauge cluster speedometer or whatever you want to call it. Chirp, squeal, squawk, etc... It seems to be worse when it's colder outside and also within the first 8-10 miles or so. It calms down some but doesn't disappear. You can also hear like a rattle or tumbling of some balls, plastic pieces and/or parts...
I recorded video with my cell phone while I was driving since that's the only time it happens, it's the only way I could do it. So sorry for the quality and shakyness...

IF you guys/gals think it IS the speedometer cable, where in the hell do I find one? No local auto parts store says they're available and forget the dealership, they don't have anything... Most of the ones I've found are not for my car specifically. 1989 Cadillac brougham d'elegance 5.0.
Thanks a ton!


Also, I tried digging into it a bit to check the cable and the cluster is in there very tight and I don't want to break any connectors or the housing... I searched and only found one thread that was OK on the removal process but more detail or tips/pointers would be awesome!
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