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88 seville starting problem

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Hi folks, I really appreciate this forum. I am not a car expert but I learn so much.

When my car is cold it seems to start up okay, but after running it awhile, then turning the engine off to go to the store, usually 2 stops will do it, mainly after the engine is hot , then the engine will crank, turn over and then die. When I'm stuck like this its sometimes taken up to an hour for me to restart it by gunning the gas pedal to pump the gas into it especially on a hill here in SF and if the amount of gas in the tank is low, but it happens on totally flat ground too, when the tank has 6 gallons, like today. At first I thought i had flooded it but it seems the opposite has taken place. no gas coming in. I read the forums about the fuel pump and pressure testing and so forth. I understand that the fuel pump is inside the gas tank and it has to be dropped to change it.I checked the fuses and the error codes - one says _distributor signal interrupt E053, could that be related to the problem? Can mechanic do anything short of dropping the gas tank to check out the fuel pump?

All the mechanics I talk to either don't want to figure this out, tell me to get rid of the car cause it has so many other nickel and dime problems, or to just wait til the part goes completely bad and I'm stuck somewhere. I can't afford to take this to the dealer cause they charge $200 just to diagnose. I have changed the fuel filter once. Is there anything else I can do while waiting for the whole part to go bad?
Thanking you all in advance if you have any advice to offer.:)
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The code is probably because the set timing connector has been unplugged in the past. Erase it and see if it comes back. I doubt it will. Moving the throttle has nothing to do with injecting gas. It's basically an "air" pedal. You're giving it more air, the computer is supplying the gas. You can't flood it. I'm thinking the idle speed motor is not working correctly or is misadjusted. When you shut this vehicle off, the shaft on the idle motor should extend to anticipate another restart. If it doesn't extend the engine will start and most likely die. Simply have a friend shut the car off while you watch the idle control motor under hood. I recommend you purchase a factory service manual. If you're not mechanically inclined, at least you'll understand how the idle and fuel delivery systems interact.
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Buy a stethoscope and place it on everything that is rotating. I think the power steering pump is the culprit.
Its OK send the video. I had that issue years ago and it was a restricted high pressure steering hose. Also make sure the steering hoses aren't touching the frame or touching each other.
Best guess would be the idler pulley bearing. Serpentine IE Belt Tensioner bearing. With the belt off, you should be able to spin the tensioner pulley quickly by hand, it should produce no noise.
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