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88 Deville

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My error codes tell me that there is no distributor signal and also when i activate the OBD the ignition ground voltage is 0 does anyone know anything about these things?
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Im trying to figure out if the ignition negative voltage should be 0 the battery is working just fine but when i try to turn the car on it wont even turn over....
I Don't Think You're Supposed To Have Any Voltage Reading On The Negative Or Ground Side. If You Did Something Would Be Shorting Out. Supposed To Have Voltage On The Hot Battery Lead Not The Ground. Make Sure Your Battery Terminals Are Cleaned Real Good & Tight.are You Sure The Battery Isn't Shot? Next Check Your Main Ign. Fuses & Relays & Next Check The Starter. Hook Up A Test Light To The Positive Cable On The Starter & Make Sure You Have Juice There, Next Test The Little Wires Coming Off The Starter. Have Someone Try & Start It & See If 1 Of The Wires Light Up. That Should Be Your Solenoid Wire. If 1 Of The Little Wires Lights Up When Trying To Start It It's Probably Your Starter. Pop It A Couple Times With A Hammer. Sometimes They Get Stuck. If It Works After This, Replace The Starter
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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