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88 cdv

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I possibly might be buying a 88 cdv., it's super clean and has been well maintained,the only drawback is the high mileage,180,000 miles,could I expect to get a lot more miles out of it?. Thanks
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Check trouble codes - see the sticky at the top of the 4.x engine section for instructions and what the codes mean. The one you need to especially watch for is E39, VCC engagement problem. That's the first sign of a failing transmission.

An '88 is a 4.5 engine car - very reliable and durable engine if it's been well maintained. Get a service history if one is available.

Check for milky or lumpy oil on the dipstick, or oil slicks in the coolant. Both are signs of head or intake gasket issues. If the coolant has been changed according to the GM recommendation, and the sealant used, the 4.5 is good to go for 250k+. Other expensive items are struts, self-leveling rear suspension, A/C.
I just met a guy with a 90 Deville with the same 4.5L motor with 272,000 on the clock and he had owned it for 14 years. Motor has original top and bottom ends, changed 2 water pumps and a couple alternators. Regular maintenance is the key.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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