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'88 Brougham Needs Carb?

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I have an '88 Brougham with the 307 Vin Y. My check engine light and the codes that come up indicate problems with: 1) MAP sensor 2) TPS Sensor 3) Metering Sensor. The car has awful fuel economy and is gutless.

My mechanic recommends I replace the electronic OEM carb with a regular, non electronic carb. He claims he has done this for some other customers with similar problems and has had great results - improvements in fuel economy and power. He claims that this would be the most inexpensive way to fix the problem as with a non-electronic carb he would not have to replace the MAP sensor unit.

Any thoughts? Does this seem right?
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Replacing the carb with a non-computer controlled unit is an easy way to loose the great efficiency that a computer controlled Q-jet has. If the MAP sensor, TPS, and Metering sensor need to be replaced, the replace them as the problem, not the carburetor. It seems like replacing the carburetor is an easy way out of the problem. Also, the mechanic needs to remember that the timing is controlled by the computer. The computer relies on the TPS and the MAP sensor for input as to control timing, as well as 2 other sensors. You need both of these for proper timing. Keep the electronic carb, fix the problems.

I agree with Brian. Repair the reason for the codes first. Simply replaceing the carb is just an easy way out for those that don't understand the system. They tend to be frightened off by anything electronic.

Once you have fixed that, then make sure the other things are in good repair. A partially plugged catalytic convertor sill cause a loss of power and low fuel economy. Replace the O2 sensor with an AC/Delco unit. Make sure the base timing is bang on. And cover all the usual bases like making sure the plugs, rotor, PCV valve and air filter are in good shape. Keep the oil clean as well. Believe it of not it helps on these engines.

And, if you find there is a problem in the carb, have the carb on the car done. DO NOT buy an off the shelf exchange unit, and have it done by a competent carburetor technician, not some Joe that say he can do it no problem.

Make sure all of the vacuum hoses are in good repair and routed properly. That is also quite important.

These cars can be pretty good on gas, and while not be hot rods, can still move along more than adequetly when everything is in good tune and repair.

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Find a new mechanic. Just replacing what he doesn't understand is not the answer.
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