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Okay, as some of you know, I have four Cadillacs of varying models and years. One of them happens to be an '87 Seville that I just transplanted a brand-new rebuilt 4.5 liter in place of the original 4.1 liter engine. Because of the change, the '87 has an enourmous power jump form the original, and it shows...

The other night while I was in the "downtown" area where I live, there was this Civic (about an '02 or so) full of girls about 18 or 19. They were driving that poor Honda as if they had just stolen it, bobbing and weaving through traffic.

So here I am, with my girlfriend in my granny car (this one's very quite) just driving along not looking for a kill when this Civic starts to tailgate me...So to ward off the Civic, I pulled into the other lane and continued to obey the law. So this Civic pulled behind me and continued to tailgate me...

This was a poor idea, that was quickly turning bad...

At this point, I put the '87 Seville into WOT, and bam: the Civic tried to catch up, but I kept widening the gap on the poor Honda...

So they pulled up next to me at a light and kept jumping the line as if to race. The ladies in the Honda were all laughing as if they had let me win...At this point, my girlfriend was cheering me on to get them done with, so, being a good lover, er, uh, boyfriend, I obeyed the lady and let the Seville go once again when the light turned green...I hit the gas, the front wheels lit up for about two seconds, and once again, I tore the doors of that Civic. By the time I had reached 60 mph, the civic was a good 4+ cars behind. I then decided to shut the Seville down and stroll to the next light...

This time, the girls in the Civic were in a more somber mood, and gave me and my lady some sort of dirty looks. My girlfriend made a few "lesbian" gestures to them, and I wiggled my tongue at them, the light hit green, and they were no longer to be seen until I pulled off the road into the place we were going and they honked their horn while doing a ricer fly-bye.
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