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Hello Everyone, Hopefully you guys can help me figure out whats going on with my 87 Eldorado.

A little background:
Drove home from work last night, parked in the driveway. About 45 minutes later, I went to move it to the garage, and when I started her up, the Engine Control System light was on, on the dash. I ran the codes in the DIC and got a number of ones with 'history' next to them, so I cleared the codes and figured I would drive it today and see if any codes came back up.

I started the car and the DIC/Dash would turn off and on intermittently ... on and off, on and off.. I'd heard some clicking from the DIC area. When the dash/DIC went dark, the Engine Control System light would come on the dash, and the cooling fan would come on.
I took it out for a drive, and this would continue.
I check the codes, and the only one that would show was "E047 History" - which according to my book is a communication problem between ECM & BCM - whatever the heck that means...

Mind you, the DIC/Dash are continuing to flash on & off, with the ECS light coming on and the cooling fan turning on while I am driving.

On the way home, it continued, but the DIC went dark and the ECS light cam on and stayed that way. I pulled over and turn off the ignition, restarted, it happened a couple times again quickly, then everything started working fine. It worked fine for the next 6 miles home. When I got home, turned it off. Let sit for 30 seconds, restarted, and everything seemed fine again.

Any idea what's going on? This is my first car with any kind of computer, and I am clueless.


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