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I have a 87 sedan Deville, it was running great, then sat a couple months, now i go to crank it up it doesn't start. I checked the fuel pressure none, i pour gas in throttle and it starts for a quick second. I disconnected the fuel filter then turned the key no gas coming out of the line, and i dont hear the pump start. I "replace" the pump, switched the relay with another working relay............. no fuel. I checked the fuses and all.....still no gas. The pump wont even turn on I just hear the click from the relay then nothing. Also I have a fuse that reades "GAGE" whenever i turn the key to the on position it blows i replace it it blows again. What would cause the fuse to keep blowing as soon as a turn the key?????? No fuel.....still!!!!!!! damn.:hmm: :banghead:

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The owners manual should tell you what all runs thru that fuse.
I'm willing to bet the f/p does too... and there may be a short somewhere.
(That's the obvious answer. The tough one is... what's causing it.)
Pull the pump relay out and replace the fuse to see if it still blows.
If not, then a pinch in the wire to/from the fuel pump is likely.:yup:
If not....
Know a good witch-doctor?:D
Or, someone REALLY HANDY w/ a multi-meter?:histeric:

Oh. Something I forgot...
CHECK THE OIL SENDING UNIT. Pull the connector off it, replace the fuse and then see if it blows.....

Has been a problem w/ the multi-function senders for a long time...:thumbsup:
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