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I know before I start this thread (everyone going to say get a manual)

1987 Deville w/ 4100 split head design intake

I am looking for the bolt pattern to remove the intake. Reason not get a manual yet? Because its a 3 hr drive to the closest place that has one. And I thought it would be faster this way so I could drive later to go pick one up.

Need the bolt pattern and torque specs for the intake bolts.

Thanks for the help


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1987 sedan deville
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back of intake (8 bolts) #s indicate torque sequence and location from front of car


front of intake
16----14----8----2----4----6----10---- 13

have 4 different length bolts, keep track of them
2 dowel pins (1 at each end of intake)

4 step torque process

step 1 (bolts 1-4) 15 ft-lbs
step 2 (bolts 5-16) 22
step 3 (all bolts) 22
step 4(all bolts) 22

sorry, scanner is screwed up
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