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Good after noon cadillackers. I have a qustion that's racking my brain. I own a 87 cadillac deville short body 4.9 v8. The problem I'm having is my car is currently at a shop for three issues
1. Rear breaks are locked from sitting
2.water pump is shot
3.fuel pump
As of now the shop informs me, In order to replace my water pump I have to replace the fuel pump so they can check for eny other problem
(Car sat for 2 years with empty tank on incline). Mechanic said after that long the pump may be rusted last I checked the tank was plastic in this model. They refuse to install a aftermarket mechanical pump and tell me I have to buy the full assembly, problem is I have searched every were the assembly dsnt exsist as a full assembly only parts I can find are the
1 fuel pump motor
2 strainer filter
3 fuel pump relay
I can not locate the sending unit or the housing and floater (fuel gauge is digital)
Are the 3 parts listed all I need or can I interchange between another caddy with the 4.9 v8?
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