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Hi All;
I saw this forum in my search for Cimarron information and figured it would be a good place to ask a question.
I am working on my fathers 87 Cimarron (2.8 engine) as it has a noticible loss of power and a stuttering (miss) on the lower rpms which is less noticible on the higher rpms. I replaced the wires and cleaned the plugs and it helped but still no cigar and the problem persisted.
I took a florecent light to the ignition wires at night to test the spark and noticed 4 of the wires flashed the bulb nicely while 2 of the wires made it glow but very dimly. I traced the wires back and noticed they BOTH led to the third ignition coils located on the right. I am assuming it is dead or partialy functional and causing the problem ..... is this a correct assumption and what would a new coil cost???

If the coil is dead could a forum member post a good and quick way to replace it as I noticed it is a very tight fit between the radiator and located rather low down on the engine.

Any replys and help would be greatly appriciated and thank you in adavance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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