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Heater core was clogged up ,so that put into motion a chain of events.

Got a new heater core, but before I put it in I wanted to check the condition of the coolant and drain and refill the coolant.

I took a look inside the coolant overflow and I saw lots of scum buildup on the inside. That prompted me to open the radiator cap and look at the fins inside the radiator, which I did and I saw tons of scale buildup inside.

I bought some flush but it says to flush the radiator with distilled water until clear first. First I tried to make a "U" shaped redirect with some pvc threaded fittings but that leaked. I bypassed the heater core by taking the hose from the engine, removing the hose coming from the heater core and putting the first hose into the inlet where the heater core outlet went.
This was met by coolant gushing out of the end of the hose that was attached to the engine.

Was there a blockage or was that too much pressure?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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