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87 Brougham Amplifer

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Where is it located?
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If it is like the '90 you are going to love this one. I had a forum thread on this topic last year. I'll try to find it.

Buried in the dash sitting in a bracket. Is it easy to remove and put back in, hell no.

I presume if it is like the 90 it sits in a bracket between the dash where the radio head (station selector) is at and the instrument cluster.

What you have to do is remove the insulator panel on the bottom of the dash below the steering wheel. Remove the left air duct extension
below the steering wheel. Remove the air duct extension above the hump. Now you have access to where it is at. You remove one bolt
holding the receiver/amplifier in place. From there you remove it by pulling it down and toward the firewall. Disconnect all the wiring harnesses.

It was fairly easy removing but a PITA to put back in that I can tell you. I removed the radio head to give me more access but not much.
Be prepared to curse a little or a lot. Why the **** they did this is beyond me.

The service manual goes into more detail than what I provided here.

M & R Electronics up in MI repaired mine by replacing capacitors. I had them add a aux input for a MP3 player on a pig tail. They gave me
that option or putting it on the face of the radio. It cost me several hundred dollars to fix and add the aux input and shipping.
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I'm quite sure that on an 87 Brougham with the Symphony Sound UM6 radio the Amp is built in the radio unit.
If they can locate the antenna lead under the dash that would help identify where it is at probably. For the '90 the antenna lead plugs into the amplifier chassis.
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