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I might be able to keep the 'lac after all... But first I need some questions answered...

(Previous Information: A week ago, I had a new radiator put in cuz the radiator was leeking. After the radiator was replaced the owner said he thinks theres some kinda engine problems due to the old radiator running w/o water for 2 long)

Now the engine problems arnt serious but heres what I noticed..
It don't get the performance it use to... It aint getting above 14mpg (its a 4.9L) It runs a little ruffer (it will stall out sumtimes but I think its due to lack of gas)

Now I put 93 octane in the motor.. and its running alot better... so tht solved some of the gas probs..

but heres my questions?

1) What can the problem be, or whats some possibilitys from what information I gave you?
2) How much would this problem cost to fix?
3) How can I get better gas milage and better performance outta my car?
4) How can I make it pepier?

thanx for all the support CF.. :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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