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86 DeVille Door Panel Removal HELP!!!

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Does anyone know how to get the driver door panel off of a '86 DeVille so I can put in a new window regulator? Do I need any special tools? Are there any screws or just those snap tabs? I don't want to mess my door panel up Please HELP!!!
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The BSM shows 19 basic steps. The Coupe has 1 more and the Sedan has 2 more. ebay has '86 Cadillac Body Service Manuals from $12 and up.
use a trim removal tool so you dont ruin the trim at the bottom of the door, there are 1 or two screws at the bottom of the door 1 in each corner i think 2 screws in the arm rest (its been a long time since i've had my 86 deville) a FSM would really help you out with this and any future problems
I really don't want to spend any more money on the car because I am trying to sell it, and I don't want to sell it with a bad driver window. But I will look around, thanks.
Remove the lights in the arm rest. There are two screws behind each light that must be removed. Remove the two bolts behind the pull handle and one behind the handle that opens the door. Then just gently pull the door panel off. There are plastic pins all around the edges that will come out w/o being broken if you are gentle. If you do break them a pack of about 10 is like $2 at Autozone. It is very easy and took me about 15 minutes to get it off on my first try.
Preciate it Dirt Cheap!
Oh, I forgot, there are also two screws under the window/seat switches. There is a clip at either the front of the rear of the windows switches (can't remember which) that can be pushed in with a screw driver. Stick a flat screw drive in between the armrest and the switches and push. It will release that clip and the switches just lift out.
I got the panel off with ease thanks to your instructions Dirt Cheap. But when the panel is off there is a metal panel blocking the window motor and regulator! Do you have any idea of how I can get to and change out the window motor and regulator???????????? My huge service manual shows nothing on removing the window motor or regulator.
You have to drill out the rivets and remove that panel. The regulator was replaced on my car before I got it and I can see bolts and nuts where the rivets used to be. I had to take mine off to replace the little plastic thing that slides at the bottom of the track. Its the downside of GM's cheap production tactics of the time.
Yeah I saw that after I studied it a is messed up that I had to buy a whole new regulator just for that stupid little plastic piece that pulls the window up and down. But thanks for all your help Dirt Cheap! It got me through it pretty easily.
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