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86 Coupe Deville CD Player Install Trouble

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Ok, well i just bought a 1986 Coupe DeVille and i was installing a new JVC cd player and i have the wiring harness and the mounting kit and the install went smoothly, but then the deck was on and when i turned the volume up to 30 or above the deck was starting to pop on and off and it did this a couple times and before i could get it shut off the deck went off and this time it took the digital gauges, the fuel gauge and the climate controls, and i checked all the fuses in the box underneath the dash on the drivers side, and all of them are fine, and the fuse in the cd player is fine, so i know the deck isnt fried and i figured out that i had contacted my yellow constant wire to an orange/black wire, but now i hooked up the constant to an orange wire and the cd player turns on and works great, but my digital fuel guage and digital climate controls still dont turn on any help would be great before i break down and take it to a shop
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Check to make sure you didnt connect the illum wire to anything. Cut it and black tape or put a cap with tape on it.

I cant think of anything else
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