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1985 Eldorado
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looking for NOS transmission shifter linkages GM parts 563565 bushing and 563566 grommet. I have located the 563565 bushing at but the 563566 grommet has been discontinued. Any suggestions as to where to find an NOS grommet? Not having much luck searching online. I just inherited this ride from my 90 year old father-in-law who just quit driving, but I don't have room for it and want to sell it. But the shifter is sloppy going into both reverse and drive and I need to get it fixed before I can put it up for sale.

there is a bushing kit at Honest John's Caddy Corner with a photo but not sure if dark colored part in upper right is 563566 grommet I am seeking. This kit is a reproduction and contains bushings for 71-89, but the 85 Eldo front wheel drive is kind of an oddball from most of that vintage from Cadillac. I believe that the 3 light/white colored bushings in the kit fit years/models other than the 85 Eldo.

With the 85 Eldo being very similar to the 85 Buick Riviera, would perhaps the shifter linkages bushings be the same (interchangeable)? Seems like there were alot more 85 Riviera's produced than 85 Eldo's. I dunno, just a thought.

Thanks for the assist in advance.
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