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84 vette falls victim to the deville

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I cant belive it myself , it appeard to be a "crossfire" injected vette which werent that great , and backed up with the automatic and raceing strpies from a half arse vynal lettering shop, i had to get over to the right hand lane by the next intersection to get to work and traffic was stacked bad behind us , the only way over there was to really get on it , light goes green and i get a jump and then look over to see him , his nose is even with the rear wheel on my car , so i stayed in the thorttle and watched as i slowly pulled away. at 80 he finnaly gave up and i could get over safely and get slowed down before the intersection , im glad he did tho , but i wish he would have just let me over in the first place . i looked like some old basturd with his turn signal on for a 1/2 mile , only diffrence is i was doing it at 80mph

call it a kill , or call it whatever , but outrunning some basturd in a 84 vette with awful stripes attached to it -put him in his place , its bad people mess these vettes up the way they do tho
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Even though it seems odd, the '84 Vette was the last of the SLUGS held over from the 70's. The specs I found indicate that the '84 Vette was only good for a 15.1 1/4 mile whereas the '85 was good for a 14.3 1/4 mile. No doubt the L98 introduction had a lot to do with it.
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