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I've gotten busted doing insane speeds before to and I was SOOOO lucky. I'm almost imbarresed to tell this story but why not.

So back in the day when i was 16 just got my license and i was speed racer. It was a Sunday morning when i was at church. I left church real quick to get some donuts for my sunday school in my MOM's 1997 Astro van SS (yes ss my dad is insane, exhaust ram air, rims, chip, ss badging) Coming back from getting donuts i realized i was late so I stepped on it at the light smoked up the whole interstection and started roaring down the road. The Speedometer was going up and up finally 100 mph. Govenor didn't kick on and that is what the speedometer goes to. I go flying by a cop and the second i realize this i hit the breaks and pulled over he was still flying up the road trying to get me and i was already pulled over. He comes to the window and starts talking and laughing at me. He asks why i was speeding.

I told him that i was late for church he found it amusing and i said would the suit explain it. He was in a good mood went to his car came back with a slip of paper and handed it to me and said have a good day. The paper said 45 in a 40 a 93 buck fine. I was soooo happy. that is my funny race story
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