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84Eldorado said:
What's up everybody?! I joined a while back but never introduced myself... sorry. I was very happy to see that a Cadillac Forum even existed though. I've had my Caddy ever since I started driving and I've been through quite a bit with her. She's all good right now tho, just dealing with regular maintenance issues and other things that go wrong after 20 years. Feel free to check my ride out at: Do we have any other 79-85 Eldorados out there on this forum?

Oh yeah, one more thing... the Woodward Dream Cruise is coming up THIS weekend in Michigan. Anybody in the area going? Maybe we can get a whole "Caddy Forum Crew" to roll down there. Just an idea... I'm sure there's not that many caddy drivers on the forum from MI, huh?

Well, once again, it's nice to finally introduce myself to everybody...

ciao :)
Hey man, I'm leaving friday for Michigan in my 97 seville from boston. I'm going to niagara falls, crossing through to CANADA in sarnia, back into the states at Port Huron...then I'll be crusing through Flint, Cadillac, Pontiac, on the way up to Traverse City. What town are you in and where is the event.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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