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84 Deville won't start

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Hello All,
I'm new here and have searched already so just be patient with me. With that being said, this is my first Caddy. It's a 84 Deville w/4.1 and it wont start. Long story short 2nd fuel pump later and i am now hearing it prime when key in ignition. Changed fuel filter, tightened it all up, let it prime several times to re-pressurize system and fuel line from filter, to solid line has hole and leaks. Change line, try to start car and will not start. The car turns over, and will start every time with starting fluid but not seeing fuel squirt from the 2 injectors. What else can i look at as the problem. Thanks
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Unplug the fuel lines at the TBI and see if anything is coming out when you crank.
Not sure what fuse but just check them all and replace any that are bad
Have someone turn the car over while you look at the injectors. You should be able to see fuel shooting out the bottom of the injectors into the intake.
You can hear injector with an automotive stethoscope. Cheap tool and easy to use. Maybe leave the test light on the injector wiring while you turn it over? See if the light pulses.
No junkyards around that you can grab some used injectors?
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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