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84 deville fuel filter

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Anyone with knowledge of where the location could be? There was a new fuel filter located in the trunk which I cross referenced and it is the correct one. It is an inline filter, but I have not been able to locate the old one. I am aware it could have been rerouted to either on the passenger side near the a arm or a screen from the throttle body. Or perhaps inside the fuel pump. I have found a filter that is routed to the exhaust before the catalytic converter but Im not sure this is the correct one due to its outbound location.

thanks in advance
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im taking a closer look today while its at my shop. might be a bypass but not sure so far been a lil busy this morning

no one? come on i know someone is riding around now with the shitty 4100 in their lac! :stirpot:
thanks for the info. i believe its on the drivers side but it has been by passed with a regular fuel line so im gonna see if i can find one to substitute it that will fit. thanks for the info.
got that problem solved by just replacing the tubing with a new filter. now the injectors seem to decide themselves when they want to work or not. some times no problems others they just seem to drip. any ideas are welcome...
ahhh what a wonderful day to own a lac! goin thru more issues. shes kickin out 27 an 52. the injectors seemed clogged still anyone with ideas r welcome to respond. thanks
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