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1984 Eldorado
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I just finished my car a complete paint job, it looks perfect but now I am trying to simply align the hood. Nothing works. Hood hinges was sand blasted, coated and because of that no any marks how they were adjusted I have now. I just simply bolt them to the fenders, bolt the hood on and voila - all gaps are not the same as the service manual says, tried to adjust hinges 3 bolts left and right side to be on the same level but at any moment my top right hood corner (closer to the cowl) is scratching the cowl and visually I see right hinges is always looks more down than the passenger side hinges. I will really appreciate if somebody could teach me, describe step by step basics how the hood aliment works or maybe simply share your perfectly aligned hood bolt distances or something that could work. If I will continue to try in like that way I will just scratch all my hood corners....

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