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Unknown to me until I had someone pose the question, the 8-speaker system utilizes a 6-channel configuration. The front doors and front dash speakers share one channel per side, most likely with bass-blocking capacitors wired inline on the tweeters.

Also, the UQA amp has only four preamp (low-level) channels going into it from the head unit. This means every channel is full-range. The subwoofer speaker output obviously has a low-pass crossover installed in the amp. The center is most likely a matrixed channel from the two front channels, also probably a mid-range bandpass crossover is installed on that channel, but that is purely speculation on my part.

So anyway, for those of you upgrading your 8-speaker, no-nav system, here is the wiring diagram at the amplifier in the trunk;

All pin numbers are based on looking at the male (harness) connector, with the quick-release tab on top, and the quick release lever away from you. I think that makes sense. Pins start counting top right to top left, then bottom right to bottom left.(So pin 1 is always top right and pin 16 would be bottom left on a 16-pin harness. Pin 8 would be bottom left on an 8-pin harness.)

Connector X1 - 8-pin, Gray

Pin, Color, Function
1, Gray, Left Front Speaker -
2, Nothing
3, Lt Green or Lt Green/Black, Subwoofer Speaker -
4, Red, Battery + (Constant)
5, Tan, Left Front Speaker +
6, Nothing
7, Dk Blue/White, Subwoofer Speaker +
8, Black, Ground

Connector X2 - 16-pin, Black

Pin, Color, Function
1, Lt Blue, Right Rear Speaker -
2, Dk Blue, Right Rear Speaker +
3, Lt Blue, Center Speaker -
4, Yellow, Center Speaker +
5, Nothing
6, Nothing
7, Dk Green, Right Front Speaker -
8, Lt Green, Right Front Speaker +
9, Nothing
10, Nothing
11, Nothing
12, Nothing
13, Nothing
14, Nothing
15, Brown, Left Rear Speaker +
16, Yellow, Left Rear Speaker -

Connector X3 - 16-pin, Black

Pin, Color, Function
1, Nothing
2, Nothing
3, Nothing
4, Lt Green, Right Rear Preamp -
5, Brown, Left Rear Preamp -
6, Lt Green, Right Front Preamp -
7, Dk Green, Left Front Preamp -
8, White, Remote Signal
9, Nothing
10, Nothing
11, Orange, Mute Signal
12, Dk Blue, Right Rear Preamp +
13, Brown, Left Rear Preamp +
14, Lt Green, Right Front Preamp +
15, Tan, Left Front Preamp Positive
16, Nothing

So that's it. Any questions, and you can PM me. I am also subscribed to this thread, so any correspondence will get back to me.

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I am recommending you for the Medal Of Honor. Thanks so much for your help with my upgrade. I was just looking at the new Camaro's, there sound system is now Boston Acoustics. Guess GM finally figured out what many of us have known for years, Bose sucks.
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