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02 Eldorado ESC, true 2.5" duals, 18X10's & 275/40ZR18's, 14" rotors, C5 Vette brakes
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A friend who lives in Australia is having a difficult time finding a 500 to become the recipient of his 8.71 blower that is currently on his 427 Chevy. He wants a blower in his 67 Eldorado. The 429 is freshly rebuilt and he would like to find a blower manifold so that he can transplant the blower and keep the 429 in the car instead of putting the Chevy in it. I have not yet asked about the current compression ratio in the car, but I suspect he intends to change pistons.

Who makes (or who has) a blower manifold?
Does anyone offer the whole blower kit with pulleys?

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