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Yesterday I picked up my car to pay for new brake pads and an oil change. Thought the bill was kind of high, but I was in a hurry so I didn't take the time check it in detail right then. Got a chance to look at it a little later and noticed I was charged for 8.5 quarts of oil. I'm pretty sure I've never been charged for more than 7 elsewhere.

I checked the oil level, and it looks fine. Maybe just a little more than halfway up the hatched area.

Is there any way he could possibly have used 8.5 quarts of oil? Before I call to complain I wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.

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If the oil level is in the middle of the hashmark that is proper and the engine has, with filter, 7.5 quarts of oil in it. FWIW, If the level is at the A in ADD then it's about a quart low; just at the tip of the stick is about 2 quarts low. Do not overfill a Northstar. It will rapidly burn off the excess through the PCV system.

Here's the proper oil level in a Northstar:

<=== ADD XXXXXXXXXX <-- OPERATING RANGE ==============oo=====================O

Open the GM TSB in Post #1 of this link, print it, and show it to your "mechanic".
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