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'79 SDV - removing speedometer cluster to access cable

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Hi all - apologies if this is a well worn subject, but I am struggling to find the info that I need. I have the perennial squeaky speedo issue and need to remove the cluster in order to clean and oil the inner cable. My Haynes workshop manual is pretty useless in this respect as it's covering too many DeVille generations and I can't seem to find the definitive sequence for removal on this forum.
I have pasted a couple of pics below denoting the more obvious fixings which I presume may need removing – I have also (crudely!) labelled other parts which I guess will need to come off, as I thought it might help someone explain the sequence. (don’t be distracted by the electrical add-ons, I know what they all do and how they disconnect!)
If any kind soul could help me out, I would be most grateful :)

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Andy, found this on YouTube.

It shows spraying a speedo lube down the cable from the speedo unit. Could you do the opposite of spraying it up the cable from the transmission?

It might be worth a go Tom and thanks for the idea. The benefit of taking the cluster off I understand is that you can draw the cable out completely, clean it and lube it etc. I’m going to try and take it apart later anyway - I’ll report back! 😁
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Hi Andy, that's a lot of launch control activation buttons and signals in that column area!
Yup - it's been subject to a lot of add-ons over the years!
You'll need to remove the AC outlet on the left side of the bezel trim. But to do that first, you have to remove the lil black knob on the lever that closes and open the vent. It's a lil small Allen screw. Then remove the AC grille, then in the upper right corner of that, there's another screw and the bezel comes off, after you have already removed the other screws you outlined.
I wanna say, you have to remove a screw that goes up into the dash (right where the speedometer gauge face is)
Excellent '78 - thanks for the advice (y)
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What does all of that do? Electric fan? Brake light kill-switch? Alarm?
The switches above the parking brake are for windscreen washers and a solenoid valve in the heater circuit (the latter installed by me as the heater control panel is FUBAR and flooded the cabin with hot air constantly). The small silver button is the starter, the gauges are self explanatory but I haven’t yet determined what the red button does!
Be careful. It may be an ejection seat.
True!! 😳😁
Success!! - dash and cable removed, cleaned and greased - no more irritating chirping noises 😁
That's great Andy! All of us joined here because we needed help. Now, you now how to do the task. Sometime someone will need this answer and you will be able to tell them how to do it.

A+ for Andy.

Thanks Tom - next job, rear door cards off to try and improve the rather sluggish windows and central locking.
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