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79 SDV I'm parting out

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been in two minor collisions both were front end damage, one tweaked bumper, other tweaked grill, so neither of those parts are gonna be parted out.

Need anything else lemme know, the car still runs great, so you could have the whole thing if you wanted :p send me a pm or e-mail at [email protected]

Mods, move this to the appropriate forum if this isn't the right spot please? thanks.
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2 accidents, still runs! lol, gosh these were the cars... new cars you back into a light poll at 5mph and its nearly totaled out :)

I am very interested in lots of parts..... instead of me telling you (since there are lots of little things I forgot) can you please take alot of pictures of the car, both the outside and inside?

BTW I have a '79 Sedan too, so if you have what I need, we can get some deals going :)
Sure thing, when I get some clear weather I'll take some pics. I'd been gradually replacing things, So some stuff is nearly brand new. (replaced the alternator (generator) about 5 days before)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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