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79 deville popping thru the carb

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hi all, i'm having a problem working out the bug in my 79 deville. i bought it from a guy who had it in his garage for years, it didn't run when i bought it as it had been started for years. i've got it running now but it is popping thru the carb when i accelerate somewhat hard, also the 4 barrels don't seem to be kicking in properly. i've put in a new fuel filter, new plugs,wires and ignition module,cap and rotor. i had a friend time it to 38 degrees i believe and set the choke spring. the choke closes when cold and opens wide open when warm. When i first got it running it smelled of old gas terrible but now smells right on. I'm thinking the carb needs rebuilding but i'm wondering if i should run it on the road to clear it up. any imput would be appreaciated. thanks
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You might want to pull the rocker covers and see that all the valves are opening fully. Sounds to me like you have a lobe worn off the camshaft:bomb:
or a dead lifter. If you are getting a good popping through the carb it is almost always a bad cam or lobe. Sometimes they sound pretty cool but they aren't supposed to. If you take the valve covers off I'm sure you will see one rocker arm not moving much.
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