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79 deville popping thru the carb

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hi all, i'm having a problem working out the bug in my 79 deville. i bought it from a guy who had it in his garage for years, it didn't run when i bought it as it had been started for years. i've got it running now but it is popping thru the carb when i accelerate somewhat hard, also the 4 barrels don't seem to be kicking in properly. i've put in a new fuel filter, new plugs,wires and ignition module,cap and rotor. i had a friend time it to 38 degrees i believe and set the choke spring. the choke closes when cold and opens wide open when warm. When i first got it running it smelled of old gas terrible but now smells right on. I'm thinking the carb needs rebuilding but i'm wondering if i should run it on the road to clear it up. any imput would be appreaciated. thanks
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thanks csbucking. you may be right on the timing, i wasn't there when he timed it. and it started better cold before he timed it. i think it timed at 38 degrees before tdc, as on the engine info under the hood. the guy is good at certain things but he sometimes screws up technical stuff. as far as the secondaries i was running it on the road to test them and they will kick in but not right, maybe the timing being off could screw that up too
Thanks for responding guys. As of now i think the timing is off, the guy who did it for me just timed it without follwing proper procedures. i went into my repair manual and found out the correct timing(23 degrees BTD center and what vacuums to plug off. the firing order is correct as it runs and idles smooth, no skipping. i'll go from there and see what happens. the weather up here in northern ny is just terrible so i'll wait till it dries up abit. oh, and as far as a lobe being worn i'm not at that point yet, the guy who i bought it from told me the motor was rebuilt because of an oil issue. apparently one of the oil companies put out a batch of bad motor oil and they went good for some of the engines that got damaged. i do remember something about that years ago. and the motor does seem tight when it runs. not a knock one.the underbody of the car is remarkable considering where it cames from northern ny.
thanks for the offer deville33, but i'm along ways from the albany area. i'm on the northern ny canadien border. the town is ogdensburg which is about 200 miles from anywhere. seriously though i'll get her running, been along time since i played with a 70s vehicle. been working on 94-96 fwb for afew years. thanks anyway i appreaciate it
ok guys, i timed the car this morning and there is no more popping throught the carb, the car is running way to smooth for the lifter or lobe to be worn. actually it goes down the road real nice now, and it'll leave rubber on the pavement.thanks again
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