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'73 Sedan DeVille - HEI Ignition conversion - eBay kits

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Any experience with eBay kits such as the one below? Mine it is still points driven but want to upgrade asap.

HEI upgrade kit
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I just asked the same question 1 day ago on this forum, still no response. I ordered mine from, a lot cheaper than ebay ;-). If it comes in and I installed it I will post it here. This will take a view days because they need to ship it to the Netherlands.

The internals are the same as on the Chevy and ford dizzy's from Top Street Performance, and I can only find good reviews on those.
Don't think that Top Street Performance makes pre '68 dissys for the cadillac but you could convert your stock dissy with a pertronix kit.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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