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65 Coupe DeVille Manual

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I just picked up a really nice 65 and it has a few electrical problems that need to be addressed and a wiring diagram would do me a lot of good. I was hoping somebody might have a manual in pdf that I could download or maybe even a diagram would work for now just to get me by for the night.

I got to drive the thing home from the sellers house and parked it and now it doesn't want to start. Guy left it on the charger all night before picked it up and the next morning its dead. The car will idol and the generator light flickers and as soo as I put it in drive and take off it dies. I am thinking either there is no charge from the generator or the battery is just shot. The car was sitting for a good 1 1/2 years before I got it. I found this on ebay
is this going to have everything I need? I just want to make sure that I don't buy something that is of no use to me. I tried to search for something like this before I posted so I appoligize if it is a repost. Noobs:thepan: Thanks for all help in advance.

PS I work for Street Beat Customs in Az as the Sales Manager so anything you guys need let me know and I will be sure you are taken care of. Thanks again.
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I have the Faxon book and it is pretty in depth. I bought it off of eBay earlier this year and have used a few times. Check it out and see what you think:
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