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'64 Impala vs. '76 Mini

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The production assistant at work has been doing a series of fun/silly/goofy videos for a few months and after finding out one of our interns has a '76 Mini, I got an idea for one of his videos: pit Betty against the Mini. As tiny as that thing is, I thought it might just be as long as Betty is wide. It turns out Betty is as wide as the Mini is long from the windshield back.

We didn't have as much time to shoot the two cars together as I would have liked, but we have video of/in both cars. I even borrowed a couple of traffic cones from the parking services office next door and did a mini slalom with Betty in the stadium parking lot. She actually has a pretty tight turning radius for such a big car.

I'm supposed to get all the raw video later that I can edit into my own video, but for now, here it is:

If you like this one, check out Episode 7, when Kegan tries sushi for the first time. It's pretty freakin' funny.
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LOL -- there's an awful lot of parking curbs in that lot !
LOL -- there's an awful lot of parking curbs in that lot !
There are...and I didn't hit any of them!
RE: Ep. 7/Sushi

OMG -- he's high -- that salmon looked awesome... And how much wasabi did he use? It would have burned his nose before he ever put it in his mouth!?!
I was laughing when he put all that wasabi on there thinking it was avocado. All that sushi looked so goooood :drool:

Nice maneuvering Gary! :thumbsup:
Cool video! Let's see how Betty does against the Bangbus in the slalom! Chevy v. Chevy!
Nice maneuvering Gary! :thumbsup:
Thank you, thank you very much. You might notice on the second run through the pylons I have just one hand on the wheel. And that's with slow-geared power steering where you have to spin the wheel quite a bit.

A draw!?!? I vote for Betty :D
Considering Kegan has to work with both of us, I think he was being diplomatic.
I've seen the sign in the Chinese Buffet type places, that usually have a bit of Sushi (don't try Sushi for the first time from these places; they vary hugely in quality!) on show: "¡Cuidado! ¡Wasabi es muy calliente! ¡No Es Guacamolè!" when they are in a local that gets a lot of Spanish-speaking customers.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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