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I just found out my 2000 Catera has a 6 year 100 000 mile corrosion warrantee. My car has rust appearing on the lower corners of the rear doors so I took it to the dealer. The bodyshop manager inspected it and told me that it is not covered because the warrantee only covers "perforation rust" and not surface rust:bigroll: I suspected BS but left and went to another dealer. The service rep at the next dealer expectedly attempts to give me the runaround: first he asked for original documentation regarding the warrantee which is ridiculous because it’s a standard factory warrantee and not optional, then he see’s that the car was rust proofed so he say’s rust proofing voids the warrantee. Eventually the service manger arrives and concludes that the warrantee does not cover surface rust:bigroll:

So what exactly does the corrosion warrantee cover and does anyone know where I can find detailed documentation about this warrantee?
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